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Presentations and Papers


  • (Preprint) Soria, Krista M., Jan Fransen, and Shane Nackerud. "The Impact of Academic Library Resources on Undergraduates’ Degree Completion." College & Research Libraries, 2017, crl16-968. Download
  • (Preprint) Soria, Krista M., Jan Fransen, and Shane Nackerud. “Beyond Books: The Extended Academic Benefits of Library Use for First-Year College Students.” College & Research Libraries, 2016, crl16–844. Download
  • Soria, K., Nackerud, S., & Peterson, K. Socioeconomic Indicators Associated with First-year College Students' Use of Academic Libraries. Journal of Academic Librarianship., 41(5), 636-643. (2015).
  • Nackerud, Shane, et al. "Analyzing demographics: Assessing library use across the institution." portal: Libraries and the Academy 13.2 (2013): 131-145. Download.
  • Soria, Krista M., Jan Fransen, and Shane Nackerud. "Library use and undergraduate student outcomes: New evidence for students' retention and academic success." portal: Libraries and the Academy 13.2 (2013): 147-164. Download
  • Soria, K. M. (2013). Factors predicting the importance of libraries and research activities for undergraduates. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 39(6), 464-470. 
  • Nackerud, Shane, Jan Fransen, Kate Peterson, and Kristen Mastel. Analyzing Demographics: Assessing Library Use Across the Institution. portal: Libraries and the Academy. 13, no. 2: 131-145. (2013)  Download.
  • Soria, Krista, Jan Fransen, and Shane Nackerud. Library Use and Undergraduate Student Outcomes: New Evidence for Students' Retention and Academic Success. portal: Libraries and the Academy. 13, no. 2: 147-164. (2013)  Download.
  • Soria, Krista M., Jan Fransen, and Shane Nackerud. "Stacks, serials, search engines, and students' success: First-year undergraduate students' library use, academic achievement, and retention." The Journal of Academic Librarianship 40.1 (2014): 84-91. Download.

Presentations (partial list)
  • Fransen, Jan, Kate Peterson, Shane Nackerud, Kristen Mastel, and Krista Soria. "Graduate in Four Years? Yes, the Libraries can Help with That." Library Assessment Conference, Washing DC (November 2, 2016). Download presentation (coming soon)
  • Fransen, Jan, Kate Peterson, Shane Nackerud, Kristen Mastel, and Krista Soria. "Getting to 100%: Reaching Every First Year Student," Library Assessment Conference, Washington, DC (November 1, 2016). Download Poster (coming soon)
  • Fransen, Jan and Kate Peterson. "The Libraries' Role in the Success of First Year Students." at the Focusing on the First Year Conference, University of Minnesota (February 13, 2013).
  • Fransen, Jan and Shane Nackerud, "Library Data and Student Success," at Penn State University Libraries, University Park, PA (November 15, 2012). Virtual presentation.
  • Nackerud, Shane and Krista Soria, "Library Data and Student Success," at the Association of Institutional Researchers -Upper Midwest Conference, Bloomington, MN (November 9, 2012).
  • Nackerud, Shane; Fransen, Jan; and Krista Soria. "Using What You Collect: Library Data and Student Success." Library Assessment Conference, Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia (29 October,2012). Download poster
  • Nackerud, Shane and Fransen, Jan. "Library Data and Student Success." Maryland Academic Libraries Assessment Interest Group (5 October, 2012). Download presentation
  • Nackerud, Shane; Fransen, Jan; Soria, Krista; Peterson, Kate; Mastel, Kristen; and Peterson, David. "Library Data and Student Success." ARLD Day, Chanhassen, MN: Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (27 March, 2012). Download presentation


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