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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Welcome to the wonderful world of library data and student success!

During the Fall Semester 2011, the University of Minnesota Libraries gathered U of M Internet IDs in 13 different service and resource areas. This site will describe what we found.
Welcome to our project site! We hope this site acts as a clearinghouse of sorts for all the data and correlations we have collected so far, and what we can collect and share in the future.
To whet your appetite, here is a graph that demonstrates any library use by students in all colleges, programs, and schools at the U of M during the Fall Semester, 2011. Note that across the university, no college, program, or school dropped below 60% for grad, undergrad, or professional student overall library usage.


  1. Kristen,

    Great research! Not a topic that's studied enough by universities. I'd love to read more about it.


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