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Friday, June 29, 2012

Evidence of Impact

I was signing up for an ELI webinar when I noticed this on the EDUCAUSE site--

"Seeking Evidence of Impact (SEI) is a program lead by the ELI community to find current effective practices that would enable the collection of evidence to help faculty and administration make decisions about best practices to adopt, invest their time, effort and fiscal resources in....We hope to bring all types of higher education institutions and professional associations into a conversation on this theme. We envision an inclusive discussion that includes faculty members, instructional support professionals, librarians, students, and research experts in a collaborative exchange of insights and ideas."


Have any libraries been part of this so far?

As I was reading this over I like the mention of "making decisions." Sometimes I feel our need to collect data makes us lose sight of the reasons and next steps. For my concrete brain...the data collection and analysis should hopefully should be driven by decision making. I also think this organization (EDUCAUSE/ELI) is doing some great work on behalf of Libraries. I think many users lump the Libraries into the broad category of "technology" even if that isn't necessarily how we see ourselves.

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